Supervisor Food Safety

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Bells Plant


125 Park Avenue






United States of America


Quality Assurance



  1. Responsible for ensuring that all Food Safety Systems & Programs are in place for the production and storage of all products manufactured under clean, safe, and wholesome conditions.

  2. Perform a risk assessment of each process and develop the critical control points that will be monitored to assure the production of safe and wholesome food products.

  3. Develops and maintains the scientific documentation to support the decision making process that occurs during the risk assessment.

  4. Analyzes continuous and discrete Food Safety data to measure, access, and control and improve reliability of safe food products.

  5. Participates in the plant HACCP team and train the employees in the monitoring and verifying the critical control points (CCP).

  6. Provide for a Food Safety System and Program that prescribes scientifically sound methods of operation for key processes and generates sufficient records and evidence that provide confidence to customers.

  7. Develop a complete SSOP program to ensure the plant is maintained in a sanitary condition at all times.

  8. Interface with individuals in various roles through the organization to provide corrective actions to solve a process deviation or technical problem.

  9. Responsible for training all employees in the requirements of HACCP, SSOP, and Food Safety prerequisite programs and audit documentation to ensure compliance.

  10. Audits the Food Safety System and programs monthly and responsible for follow ups.

  11. Adheres to all Pictsweet's policies and procedures, which include SOPs, Employee Handbook, Food Quality Polices, GMP Handbook, HACCP, and Pictsweet's Safety Procedures.

  12. All other duties that me be assigned as necessar

Minimum Requirements 

EXPERIIENCE: Must have a practical understanding of food processing, sanitation systems, HACCP, GMP, and personnel management. This is normally gained in 2 years food production experience.

EDUCATION: Must have B.S. degree in Food Science, Microbiology related biological field or an Associated Degree plus at least five years' sanitation experience. The SFS must possess an understanding of supervisory fundamentals. The SFS must have a basic mathematical reasoning ability and a basic understanding of statistics.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Must possess excellent communication skills, verbal and written, Bilingual, English/Spanish a plus. The SFS must be computer proficient with spreadsheets and word processing and become proficient in Kronos Time system with 3 months of hire. Must be able to process large volumes of information, make decisions under pressure, and provide leadership in difficult situations. The SFS must be a proficient trainer of subordinate personnel. Must be able to develop and mentor subordinate employees for future responsibilities. The SFS must work in collegial manner with other departments to accomplish corporate objectives while achieving departmental goals.

Be willing to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays. The SFS must meet residency requirement and reside within 15 miles of Bells, TN.


Don't Be Fooled

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